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Composting in Western Australia

Updated: Sep 1, 2023

Composting is a great way to reuse garden waste and vegetable scraps. Where I live I use lawn clippings, vegetable plants that have gone to flower, cat litter made of recycled paper (poo removed), paper shreddings and weeds without seeds. Generally it has composted well in both rotating bins I have and fixed bins dug into the ground.

Two rotating compost bins I have (at my rental when I lived in Port Hedland)

I have found that my biggest challenge has been the lawn clippings drying out and not composting properly. Today Dad advised the best way is to mix it together, I had been keeping the lawn clippings separate. He is probably right. That said, it is good to keep the lawn clippings from drying out as a lot is generated over summer and it dries out easily. We had a square bin that was quite porous and the grass clippings dried out easily. Therefore, I got two round bins that are 450 L each.

Pictured below is the first one we got that is of the same brand (albeit the smaller model).

My favourite way of creating compost is by collecting a very large amount of green waste, over 1 cubic metre, and putting it in a sack I made out of shadecloth and thick

fishing line. It has to be loose - no sticks - so it can compact by itself and have a lot of green material in it. I layered 100-200 mm of brown material with 100-200 mm of green material alternating. Compost is made very rapidly in this way. The disadvantage is it requires a lot of compostable material in a short amount of time and it needs to be mixed every week. Below is the final product.

See which method works best for you.

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