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Controlling Ants Ecologically

Updated: Sep 1, 2023

We have a problem with ants in brick paving at a house in Mandurah. Poison is not favoured because it can be ecologically hazardous. Therefore, I tried orange peel as suggested by my friend. I blended with warm water, strained the liquid and injected with a plastic syringe (no needle of course). That was quite effective, except I ran into two problems - it was time consuming to make the liquid and I ran out of orange peels in summer. Therefore, I am now trying icing sugar mixed with baking soda.

I started trying this method out on 16 December 2022 and re-applied on 5 January 2023 and 21 January 2023.

First go I used about 80 g of powder as suggested - 40 g of icing sugar and 40 g of baking soda. This is what it took to place in all the sand piles on the brick paving.

Subsequently on 5 January I used about 50 g of the same mixture, placing in the new sand piles that did not already have powder. On 21 January I used just 20 g. These photos are from 21 January just after placing.

To see how effective this method is, I'll have to keep monitoring over a longer period of time though it looks promising. It is much faster to mix icing sugar and baking soda than make strained citrus peel liquid.

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