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Fixing Leaks in a Ute Tray Cover

Updated: Aug 14, 2023

I own a 2004 model Holden Commodore Ute. After having it trucked from Port Hedland to Mandurah in 2016, I noticed several leaks in the tray. They were mostly coming from the window seals. I attempted to fix them with silicone from the inside, however it ended up being a tail chasing exercise. The leaks just kept coming back and for years I just gave up. Until recently.

With inspiration and a chunk of silicone left over from a roof leak fixing attempt, I had another go.

Chunk of mostly dried silicone pulled from its tube, in a plastic bag
Believe it or not, some of this was useable

This time, I tried fixing the leaks from the outside. Cleaning with acetone first is a good idea so the silicone sticks well.

Wiping the leftover silicone on with my finger was not easy, as you can see. However, it seemed to be doing the job. When the silicone is dry enough I'll try scraping it off with a plastic scraper (a metal one would damage the perspex).

However, there were still leaks so I got more fresh silicone. (I used this on the roof of the house, too.)

Silicone on window frame of ute tray cover to stop leaks
Looks much better from a caulking gun with a nozzle on the end!

I was pleased to find out there were far fewer leaks when it rained. However, I did notice one remaining leak.

I had previously put one run of silicone on the outside in 2016. That was now old and cracked, letting water in. Solution: replace the silicone. I found it easiest to scrape it from the top with a screwdriver then pull it off while scraping along it. Excellent arm and hand exercise.

Then the easier bit - putting the new silicone in. Still good hand exercise squeezing the caulking gun. 🔫

Still bits of the old silicone left, but hopefully it works. Tomorrow a downpour is predicted, so fingers crossed 🤞

Rain predicted for Mandurah on 2 August 2023
Sourced from

Update: It still leaks a bit. However, I noticed there are aluminium gutters on the inside to catch the water for a reason. Therefore, I placed buckets at the end of each gutter. I also realised the carpet did not come with either the ute tray or the cover, so even if the buckets don't catch all the water I could simply tuck the carpet under so the water can run into the wheel recess and out onto the ground. End of saga 😁

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1 Comment

Gab Adam
Gab Adam
Aug 05, 2023

Chris, you are so talented at fixing things! Amazing!!

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