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Growing a Loofah Vine

Updated: Sep 1, 2023

Use a loofah to clean yourself in the shower? You can actually grow one yourself. They can literally grow on trees - actually they grow on vines, which can grow up trees 😉 You will need loofah seeds and something for the vine to grow up - like a mesh panel, tree, lattice or similar. Here is one growing on our lemon tree. As the vine grows in summer, the lemon tree wasn't fruiting anyway.

If you give it lots of sunlight they can become quite big - even half a metre long. I find it easiest to take the skin off when it's yellow and moist. I run my thumb along the length of it once and peel it like a banana. I then dry on the clothes line with one peg each. Notice there is a cap on the bottom that spreads all the seeds when it comes off - hang with this end up so the seeds don't make a mess everywhere. When dry, the seeds can be shaken out into a bucket (whack on the sides of the bucket) and given to friends or re-planted.

It is worth getting a fruit fly trap because fruit flies can make an annoying, mouldy mess out of them.

The Final Product

It is worth considering cutting along its length so you can make a sort of sheet / cloth out of it. Not only can you use in the shower, you can use for stubborn stains in the kitchen - a scourer cloth that won't scratch. If you don't want the seeds, birds love them.

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