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How to Prepare Branch Prunings for a Verge Collection

Updated: May 30

Does your local government do verge collections? The City of Mandurah do. After perhaps using branch prunings to control weeds it's time to put them on the verge and get rid of them.

For City of Mandurah, maximum length is 1.5 m and they cannot obstruct the footpath. I used a pair of loppers and kept some logs for firewood.

It is highly recommended to use covered clothing including long gloves, as well as safety rated glasses. Extra care is needed when unloading if you have short gloves. Keep hydrated.

It is worth putting the wheelbarrow where you don't mind the leaves making a mess, when loading and unloading. If the leaves are still green then no problem. I also used an ocky strap to tie the branches to the wheelbarrow - I needed one with sharp hooks so it would secure properly to the wheelbarrow.

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