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Is That Pesky Gutter Guard Creeping Out? Tie It Down!

On the roof of the big shed some gutters were installed. As it is under two large trees, I placed gutter guard in shortly after. However, to my dismay it partly came out! What to do? Fortunately I had come across a similar issue before and the solution was simple.

Gutter guard that has been pushed out by a mass of debris
The Problem - Gutter Guard Creeping Out

The leaves had bypassed the gutter guard, unfortunately.

Plastic gutter guard that has lost its integrity
Eek! Gutter guard not doing it's job 😭

Before I did anything to the gutter guard, all that debris had to be cleaned off. The sticks and leaves made great mulch and the rotted stuff was compost.

And the gutters needed to be cleaned out. I started at the upstream end where the gutter guard had popped out.

Cleaning a roof gutter out
Cleaning the gutter out - starting where the guard popped out

The solution - tie the gutter guard down with a bit of wire. Hopefully it works 🙏

Gutter guard tied down with plastic coated wire
And stay there! 🔒

The end product 😎

Recently cleaned tin roof with re-fixed gutter guard
Slick 🕺🏻

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1 Comment

Gab Adam
Gab Adam
Jul 22, 2023

So talented Chris! Really practical skills!

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