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Ringneck Parrots

Updated: Dec 15, 2022

Ringneck parrots or twenty-eight parrots are a common sighting in Mandurah, Western Australia. Ever since I was a child I have always liked hearing and seeing them. Much to my pleasure they visit the bird bath at home. After getting wet it is funny to watch them fly back into a tree.

My Dad and I had a bird feeder attached to the window but I think they eventually got the idea there were people living on the other side of the glass! Also, it is common wisdom not to feed the wildlife, so we stopped providing seed. This is a photo not long after the feeder was first attached (also in the photo appears to be Beryl, our chook).

Outside of the Perth metropolitan area in the southwest region, ringneck parrots are quite common. The reason they are not common in Perth is because of competition with the rainbow lorikeet, introduced from the Eastern states. Taken at John Forrest National Park Tavern, here is a bold ringneck parrot attempting to steal one of my chips! A highly recommended visit - the kangaroos are also quite opportunistic (see in the background).

Ringneck parrots will, funnily enough, be attracted to places where people eat and are surrounded by bushland. After pinching a piece of bread or a biscuit, they can make a quick dash for a gum tree.

While this photo was taken on an iPhone, it conveys just how hard they can be to spot. For my own pleasure, when I hear them, I very often take the time to search for them.

Next time you are in Mandurah, take the time to see and hear the wildlife - we are always so busy inside our minds.

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