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Taking On a Leadership Role

Updated: Sep 1, 2023

As I was considering starting my own business, I realised I needed to start from a strong base. I realised the Universe wanted me to take on a leadership role at a not-for-profit organisation to build up both my own strength and the strength of the organisation. As I did, I noticed a profound shift in my mindset and ability to discard toxic minds. I was able to find a deeper connection with my partner which has in turn given me greater passion and energy.

Energy partner
Deep connection with your partner can be a great source of energy for both of you

That's not to say it has been easy. I challenged myself today and discussed a calendar of events and Saturday get-togethers involving lunch. I did not consider myself to be very good at organising events or get-togethers so a lot of minds of inferiority came up. It's still early days so that will probably happen more often.

Working to sail on a ship together
Whether or not work is a burden is in our mind. Working through that mind can be hard

And I don't like cooking all that much. Opportunities to meditate were frequently interrupted and I felt a bit burned out by the end of the day. That was, until I did a bit of meditation by myself and my partner agreed to evening meditation tonight, which I will be greatly looking forward to.

Meditating woman with Universe energy
My partner is very nice to meditate with, even when we are thousands of kilometres apart

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