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When Learning a Second Language Gets Tough

I have been using Rosetta Stone for learning Vietnamese. I found it quite easy thanks to my practice using Duolingo; that was, until I met my first Milestone. This consisted of a small story where I had to give verbal responses to a conversation. I found it quite tough, only getting 25% on my first attempt. In all the other lessons I was in the high 90's.

Learning using Rosetta Stone and failing the Milestone lesson with 25%
Oh golly gosh 😬🤬

It brought up a lot of negativity about being stuck in fight-or-flight mode and not being able to respond to a question or comment. Thanks to a meditation I do, I was able to overcome that. It was a deep meditation with lots of stuff coming out.

After that, I tried again and didn't have anywhere the same level of anxiety. On the fifth attempt, I passed it.

So if you seem to hit a wall with learning a language, just keep going! Even practice the same lesson several times in quick succession, that's how I passed this lesson. Even better, get rid of the root cause of anxiety holding you back from learning new things.

As a result of doing this milestone, I'm more confident about talking to my Vietnamese partner in Vietnamese over a video call.

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1 Comment

Nam Kim
Nam Kim
Sep 01, 2023

The power of Love is great!

Keep going :)

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