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You Can Push Yourself Without Stressing - Here's How

Updated: Sep 1, 2023

Just a few years ago I pushed myself very hard to get everything done in one day - gym exercise, having breakfast, making lunch, going to my full time job, meditating, cooking, eating dinner and washing the dishes. I ended up burning out - multiple times. Therefore, I got the idea that I was pushing myself too hard. That idea stuck.

Limiting ideas are like a straitjacket

However, the meditation I now do involves throwing away the stress in the mind - which is actually pictures stored in the mind, not exertion. As this actually works, as recently as yesterday I realised I could push myself hard without either burning out or getting stressed. It was an amazing and liberating realisation. I had fallen into the trap that I need to get rid of the pictures first, then I can go fast. However, as an experienced meditator, I can now go fast first and the pictures automatically go. I did still find I was forgetful, especially in the afternoon, but I figured by continuing to take action and meditate that will get better, too.

Pictures are like useless baggage weighing us down and burning us out - time to surrender it

Thanks to Canva's Text to Image for the AI generated images.

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1 Comment

David Clouston
David Clouston
Feb 02, 2023

This is a great one, thanks Chris 🖊️

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