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Cleaning Windows in Your House

Windows are starting to look a bit dirty? Especially when you have recently renovated your house it can really show up. Here's how to clean them!

Front window that is dirty and about to be cleaned
This window is due for a clean

Dirt on the window glass and cobwebs on the window frame
Dirt on the glass and cobwebs on the frame? Yuck!

Cleaning the Window Frame (except the inner track)

I would recommend cleaning the window frame first, that will save you lots of headaches. It doesn't matter whether you start inside or outside, but top to bottom is preferable. It may even be worth cleaning the eves soffit.

We will do the inner track later, because that deserves a class of its own.

Cleaning the eves soffit
Eves soffit looking much better (and is easier using both hands)

Wiping a window frame
Let's get those cobwebs off

Cleaning the Inner Track - No or Very Little Grease (most common)

If you have a greasy inner track, I would recommend squeegeeing the window first so it can soak in detergent water. Otherwise, read on.

Stick in an old toothbrush while dry and loosen the dust. At the same time (unlike in the video - too hard to hold my phone at the same time 😅) vacuum the track out. I would recommend the long hair vacuum cleaner attachment if you have one, as the video demonstrates.

Cleaning the Glass with a Squeegee

Fill a bucket with detergent water.

If the glass is heavily soiled or has grease spots, I would use a pad that scratches off grease (but not glass! 💀).

Most of the dirt can be removed with a squeegee. The trickiest part is cleaning the sliding window - you will need to open it a bit then unhook it. Then lean it outside and clean like this, but leaning it more sturdy and using both hands 😅 It can take 2 goes. Don't worry if there are minor streaks left, we can remove them using another method.

Cleaning the Inner Track - Greasy

The inner track has been soaking in detergent water from the window, hasn't it? Good! Let's clean it out like this:

Wiping the Remaining Streaks Off

To remove the remaining streaks, I would use a dry cloth. For greasy residue you may need isopropyl alcohol or similar. It may be worth allowing the window to dry first, even for the sliding window, otherwise it can just make a mess. Nonetheless, I persisted with water still leaking from the top rubber seal and eventually got it looking OK.

The annoying part is it's easier to see the streaks that are on the other side. Persist until you are happy with it.

Because this step can be so annoying, it may be worth wiping the frames and squeegeeing all the windows first then polishing off. Even doing something else in between, like writing a blog post.

Good luck! 😉

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