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Having to Postpone Plans Indefinitely

Updated: Sep 1, 2023

Last year I wrote about weed removal in a lawn using black plastic and boiling water. I thought great, I was going to put boiling water on the whole lawn and finish off the creeping oxalis and just about every other weed. I was wrong. The home owner considered boiling water to only be harmful to the lawn and thus I was unable to continue. Initially I thought fine, the Universe wanted me to focus on something else. However, today I gained greater insight into what the Universe was showing me.

I brought it up again, suggesting further experimentation. By asking questions and seeing from their perspective I was able to gain a bit of insight. The lawn I wanted to test on was suffering from lack of water due to an eggplant vine blocking the sprinkler. There were other patches where the lawn was struggling to recover due to similar issues. Fair enough, I thought, wait until the lawn has fully recovered then experiment more perhaps. Or not.

That was not primarily what the Universe was showing me, however. I meditated with a friend and asked what topic she wanted to focus on. She said impatience. That was it - I needed to reflect on my own impatience.

In fact, I wanted to write a how-to guide on video editing tonight but I probably need to catch up on sleep. Therefore, it seems clear the Universe wants me to write this shorter, easier blog post.

Goodnight! 😴

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