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Over Watering and the Consequences

We had a grevillea in our backyard planted ourselves about 20 years ago. However, due to over-watering a fungus has killed it. It had two trunks - the first broke some time ago. A strong wind caused the second trunk to break off. Unfortunately, it was only pruned to shape recently. Fortunately, its replacement had already been planted.

Grevillea snapped at the trunk due to fungus and strong wind
The doomed grevillea and its replacement to the right

Fungus infected grevillea
The culprit - fungus infection 💀

A sprinkler that used to water lawn had not been capped off. It has now been moved to a new vegetable garden.

Sprinkler by colorbond fence
The source of over-watering by the fence

In conclusion - make sure Australian natives don't get too much water, or they can actually die.

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