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Installing a Raised Corrugated Iron Garden Bed

Updated: Jul 14, 2023

Yesterday I put together a raised garden with my Dad. Probably the trickiest part was making sure it was level. If it's level and it's full to the top with soil (which seems to be common practice) we know soil isn't going to be washed off by the rain and make a mess. Any higher than the top and it will wash off.

Raised corrugated iron garden bed
Tin levelled, next fill with soil

Next, we emptied the green compost bin into it. On top of that, we put in soil from another garden bed with too much soil in it.

Raised corrugated iron garden bed with soil in it
After adding soil from another garden

Raised timber garden bed controlling runoff and sand mess
The garden we grabbed soil from. It was too heaped and the soil was being washed off by the rain and making a mess

We also put in the soil from a rotting vegetable trug. I took the vegetable trug apart and chucked it, but managed to salvage the four bolts. These can come in very useful.

Vegetable trug rotted timber demolish
Demolishing the vegetable trug, about 10 years old

The garden filled to the top. On top we put cow and chicken manure. Done!

We expect it to settle over time because none of the contents were compacted.

Raised corrugated iron vegetable garden cow and chicken manure
(Almost) Filled Vegetable Garden

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