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Things Not Going My Way and the Reason

Updated: Sep 1, 2023

Today I thought I was going to write a blog post about installing a security camera. I was wrong. I was wrong because I endured setbacks and distractions such that I was unable to complete it today. The reason for this happening is far more compelling and intriguing than the task I had set out to do. The reason was this: because from the Universe's perspective, it was more important that I recognise and face my own mind of obsession.


I had already written about dreams I had when I was a teenager, including one where I was blinded by the sun while flying. I was reflecting on this recently. While meditating this afternoon, I realised that the idea I was supposed to avoid looking at the sun while flying in my dreams became a dark obsession. Because I was deliberately following that idea in my dreams, similar obsession played out in my waking life.

In daily life, the pain of failure was so great and the satisfaction from success so little. This applied to everything, from my career to gardening in my backyard. It even applied to self reflection.

And Back to Today

Today, it applied to me installing the security camera. I simply could not stand the idea of failure, even though finishing it tomorrow (or even next week) would not have been such a big deal. And seeing it this time was enormously encouraging, as it has become easier in recent days to simply observe those minds and 'feel' what to do about it. Seeing how so much obsession came from dreams really illustrated just how false obsession is. 'Figuring out' what to do about those minds was the past trap of obsession I kept falling into, but not anymore. Touch wood!

These AI generated images from Canva's Text to Image are great for conveying abstract concepts, aren't they?

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Steven Trpenov
Steven Trpenov
26 gen 2023

I really enjoyed reading this Chris, great to hear you had some good breakthroughs

Mi piace
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