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Zapier - Removing Tedious Copy and Paste

Updated: Sep 1, 2023

I played around with Zapier today. In my organisation, we use Wix for bookings and Google Contacts on the phone. When someone calls on the phone, we want to know whether it's someone we are already familiar with or not without having to fiddle around with copying and pasting between Wix Contacts and Google Contacts every time we have a new customer interaction. I played around with automatically adding a contact to Google Contacts when someone books an introduction or signs up to our Wix site. I had a play around with it and compared to the computer programming I'm used to, it's relatively simple. The free version seems to let you do quite a lot.

It was easy to add a contact to Google Contacts every time someone books an introduction.

The overall gist of it

The tricky bit was updating a contact - adding one if it doesn't already exist - when a user signs up. I kept getting this error.


Hopefully this is just a limitation of the test and that it all goes OK when someone actually signs up. Fingers crossed!

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