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Finding Passion with a Daily Goal

Updated: Sep 1, 2023

I realised for a long time I had been forcing myself to do what I 'should' do and putting what I want to do second. Before I was doing the meditation I'm doing now, that approach was largely driven by anxiety. When most of that anxiety disappeared through meditation, I was left feeling flat a lot of the time. Recently, I re-engaged what I wanted to do by having a daily goal where I would do that thing I wanted to do. Today, it was setting up a new EFTPOS machine our organisation just got. I wanted to do that yesterday as well but competing demands overran it. (Sounds familiar? 😬)

EFTPOS Terminal
Not quite the same as this one generated by Canva Text to Image but you get the idea

By having that goal yesterday and working towards it, it seemed the Universe was throwing up a lot of challenges and bringing up minds. When I finally got the chance to do a short meditation a lot was discarded in that 15 minutes. That night, I did a meditation with my partner and also had a fun conversation. I had intriguing dreams about deep self reflection on dreaming itself. Today, my interest was much more focused on my dream than on the EFTPOS machine, but I got to play with that new toy anyway. On the same day, I signed up for a workshop on starting a new business. It seems that by trying new things and following my passion things are becoming clearer and more fun.

Self Reflection on Dreams at a Beach
The dream was set in a classroom, but the reflection felt as cool as this image generated by Canva Text to Image

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Gab Adam
Gab Adam
Mar 15, 2023


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