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Taking Action with Gratitude

Updated: Jun 25, 2023

For a while I had been asking the Universe what to do until I realised this approach was flawed. This was because it was the false self asking, because the false self does not know anything. I realised that the correct approach is to see what to do with a mind of gratitude. It is like the gratitude itself is what is seeing and knowing what to do. This makes sense, as the mind of gratitude is the mind of the Universe.

Grateful girl in the Universe
A grateful mind is the mind of the Universe

Further than this, I realised I had been holding back due to a misconception. I was confusing having a goal with thinking about the future. One is very constructive, the other is very obstructive. When I realised this, I further realised I could reflect on anything at all - as long as that reflection was again from the mind of gratitude. The gratitude itself reflecting instead of the ego analysing, judging and resenting. That approach was so powerful that bad habits were automatically discarded and I dreamt about embracing my partner in the ocean. Also in the dream, there was some kind of apocalyptic event. It felt more like a cleansing than the end of humanity, as if a metaphor for the cleansing of my own mind and the abandonment of old ways of thinking.

Couple embracing by or in the ocean
How nice is it when we can be grateful for what we have? Generated by Canva Text to Image.

Gratitude, which is the mind of the Universe, can be revealed when we discard the negative and false. Let's see where this approach takes me next - check out my other blogs 💯

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