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How to Develop Your Business Idea?

Updated: Sep 1, 2023

I attended my second day of the four day business development workshop yesterday. This was about use of the internet - web media and social media - to market one's business. It was very informative. What was most significant to me, however, was the one-on-one session. I discussed my business idea with a consultant - how I know what skills I have but not necessarily how to apply them.

Discussing business ideas
Coming up with a business idea is not necessarily easy. Generated by Canva Text to Image

Her advice was to use LinkedIn - update my profile and start contacting potential clients saying I'm starting up a business and these are the skills I have. I discussed this approach with my Dad, who had run his own business in engineering before. He agreed with the approach and suggested there is a lot of work I would be able to do under supervision. Based on my situation and history it would be more challenging for me to start a business. A likely outcome of the exercise would be employment, in which case I would not need to start a business. This approach seemed to make sense.

Job Networking Platform LinkedIn
A job networking platform like LinkedIn can be a great way to connect with clients and employers. Canva Text to Image

A more interesting question was why the Universe put me in this situation of unemployment in the first place. After meditation this afternoon I realised I still don't have the answer, but am getting closer to it. Even the Universe having given me a partner seemed to be a finger pointing the way. It seems to go beyond just my career in some way - when you are focused on helping others, it becomes clearer that everything happens for a reason.

Help from the universe with career look at everything you're grateful for
I literally put 'help from the Universe with my career' into Canva Text to Image and it showed me my partner! 😲

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