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Spicy Chicken and Onion Toastie

Updated: Sep 1, 2023

Over the years I have perfected the chicken toastie. I vary the ingredients a lot but today it consists of:

  • Sourdough bread

  • Ajvar

  • Chicken

  • Pickled chilli onion

  • Cheddar cheese slice

  • Spinach

Let's get stuck in.

Stacking Phase

This consists of putting most of the ingredients together. First the bread:

And then the ajvar:

I put in about 50 g of roasted chicken. This is much healthier than pre-sliced chicken as it has no preservatives (just freeze in batches). My dietician once recommended 100 g for gaining muscle but I find that a bit excessive.

Chicken bones I store for making chicken stock.

After the chicken I put sliced pickled chilli onion, which you can buy from Gilbert's.

On top, the cheese slice.

The Grilling Phase

I have access to a fancy combination griller and microwave from Miele. Failing that, you can use a normal griller and keep an eye on it.

These are the settings I use:

Looks orange and crispy 😎

Storage Phase

We stick some spinach on:

And box it for lunch.

Toasting Phase

Finally, we toast it. First, since this is a particularly old and scratched sandwich press, we need to oil it (30 mm diameter or size of a 50 cent coin):

And squash the oil to spread it out:

Then start toasting.

When the light turns green it's finished.

Bonza 😎👍

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