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Are Dreams and the Waking Mind Related?

Updated: Sep 1, 2023

Yesterday I was intrigued by the dream I'd had the previous night. I went to bed with that enthusiasm, asking myself what that reflection on dreaming within the dream was. Last night I was not disappointed either. I had a somewhat disturbing dream where heartworms were coming out of my right forearm. Disturbed but not surprised. Not surprised because I knew those things coming out of my arm represented my mind.

Worm coming out of arm dream
This funny dude is not that disturbing, bless Canva's Text to Image for sanitising my dream. The dream was.

I was not able to get rid of it all within the dream or even after waking up and lying in bed. In fact, I had lots of negative thoughts while I was getting breakfast and making a potato salad (broadly following this recipe here), which slowed me down a lot. However, I was able to get rid of it when I attended a group activity and meditation today. I still feel uncomfortable, but I figure I'd just try sleeping on it again. The negative thoughts are gone. Let's see what tonight brings! 😁😅

Surreal Dream
How cool would it be to have a dream like a Canva Text to Image one

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