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Romantic Relationships and the Joy of Transmuting Desire to Gratitude

I have been blessed with a romantic relationship that has been a tremendous source of energy and spiritual growth. Following a meditation I have been practicing, I have been able to reflect on and discard times my greed got in the way. Basically, greed comes in the form of desire - wanting more. Even though I had such a wonderful person in my life, for some reason at times I wanted that little bit extra from my circumstances. After continued practice with reflection and discarding, it became more and more clear that it was only my own actions and mind that required adjusting.

Unhappy looking rich couple
Greed is rooted in a mind of discontent

According to the meditation, one of the minds that needs to be discarded is sexual desire - in fact, if you follow the method sincerely it happens automatically. All you need to do is let go of it while following the method. This idea of throwing away sexual desire is often baulked at, which I did initially. However, really reflect on it. Sexual desire is not joy. Sexual desire is in fact the tension of wanting more - that is stress, not joy. The greatest love is in fact to become one. Big love is about caring for others no matter who they are.

Taking this further, recognise you are actually originally one with everyone, so why not at least start with your significant other?

Couple in their journey to the land of oneness
Become with everyone. Start by becoming one with who you already love.

Even different religions allude to this idea of embracing the spirituality of intimacy. After practicing discarding sexual desire directly, focusing on being grateful at a time when sexual desire was strong had an incredibly potent effect. Why not try it? 💞

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David Clouston
David Clouston
May 10

This is a really good article 🙏I just read it second time


David Clouston
David Clouston
Apr 12

Brave and open 🙏 thank you for sharing Chris 👍

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