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Cats for Reducing Stress

Updated: Sep 1, 2023

Pets can reduce stress and have other health benefits. I have had many pets in my family since I was a child and my latest (and currently only) pet is my cat Tiddles (Sophie is her 'proper' name). She is a blue point ragdoll cross and highly photogenic - she featured in my video making tutorial.

She is easy to please - she likes sunlight, carpet, the sound of the ironing board when folded/unfolded, the 'Marimba' alarm on my phone - basically any music with a lot of treble, the fly swatter, my squeaky voice, other peoples' squeaky voice including my partner's, the sight of birds, the sound of the washing machine and of course wet cat food. Her happiness in turn makes me happy and can instantly melt a bad mood I'm in. She doesn't like flea treatment, getting wet, being picked up, having her stomach touched or being petted for too long.

Tiddles thinks she can come on holiday too

Tiddles was born in 2010 in Port Hedland and she used to snuggle up to a poodle called Dusty when she was a kitten. Dusty liked playing with apparel and so Tiddles would find socks and pants to bring to her. Now, whenever she is alone - or even thinks she is - she will make a long, low meow while carrying the nearest sock to where she thinks a person will appear. It seems animals too like to get their happiness from others.

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