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Cycling in Mandurah

Updated: Sep 1, 2023

It is nice to cycle from my home to my workplace, as well as healthy and gets my blood flowing. Mandurah is particularly scenic.

Peppermint tree on Scott Street, Mandurah

There is a lot of scenery to admire, both natural and man made - mostly a combination of the two.

Roundabout landscaping at Scott Street

Scott Street and Allnutt Street have cycle lanes but elsewhere I cycle on the vehicle tarmac to the left. Some roads, like Park Road, are wide enough to allow cars to pass while staying in the same lane but most are not. Where there is a path, cycling may cause conflict with pedestrians so I normally prefer the road. I would argue that generally speaking, the contribution cyclists make to a healthier, cleaner society outweighs any inconvenience caused.

The road where I get to cycle downhill - wheeee!

At Gordon Road is a pedestrian bridge with attractive landscaping. The gum tree is so close to the bridge you can touch it! Also notice the pink and grey galah that found the bridge to be a convenient perch. I am able to see my home from the bridge.

I also enjoy the path going along the backs of the houses, particularly the archway formed by trees. The bridge is mostly covered by a she-oak tree.

And finally, the pond. Before I could fit through the gap between the stone wall and the mesh fence, but I would have to lose a lot of weight to do that now. Let's get cycling to burn that fat!

Mesh fence to discourage all but the hard core trekkers. Keeps the litter down I guess 👍

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