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Swan River By Foot - Get Your Nature Fix

There are some very pleasant walks along the Swan River in Perth, Western Australia. They can easily be missed even if you live and work in Perth. Not only are the views impressive, there are all kinds of birds and frogs in the wetlands.

First, let's check out Banks Reserve near Summers Street, Mount Lawley:

Optus stadium Swan River pedestrian and road bridges
This is the kind of view you can get! Optus Stadium in the background and multiple bridges
East Perth Power Station Coal Loading House
The coal loading house looks like it's from a horror movie

Bench facing Swan River with a fence blocking it
Spot the issue with the bench

The views definitely make it worthwhile, I just like to photograph quirky things.

Check out the birds and frogs further to the north, near Leslie Street:

Black swans and brown ducks near Swan River
Called Swan River for a reason 😁 Ducks also frequent the area

Moorhen in a wetland by the Swan River
Moorhen or dinosaur chicken. The fence keeps us safe from this dude

Water bird at wetland in Swan River
Such a variety of birds I struggle to identify some, especially with my phone camera

Little Black Cormorant.

See what you can find - this is just a tiny fraction of what's there. Frogs are easy to hear but much harder to find, so good luck!

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1 Comment

Gab Adam
Gab Adam
Aug 27, 2023

beautiful birds!!

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