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Visiting Baden Powell in Dwellingup

Today I visited Baden Powell in Dwellingup with my sister and her friend. I had been there many times over my life but recently a pedestrian bridge was built there.

Baden Powell new staircase Lane Pool Reserve
Baden Powell with pedestrian bridge in background

The location is popular for kayaking. You can swim there as well, as long as it's not after a heavy rain as the water can become too unhygienic from runoff. The safety signs advise no diving or using the swing rope, to avoid serious injury from hidden submerged obstacles.

Orange butterfly at Baden Powell Lane Pool Reserve
Orange butterflies are just one species of fauna you can find - there are many more

The bridge structure itself was impressive, consisting almost entirely of steel, with plastic decking.

The view was equally impressive.

On the other side, the river could be viewed close up.

Foam floating on Baden Powell river
Looking like icebergs, the foam is made of dissolved organic matter

Climbing onto the rock (which I did to record the video) is not for the faint of heart!

Snacking is mandatory with all this walking and climbing 😁

Chris having a biscuit in the bush
And the birds think so too, as they get the crumbs

When I visited here in April 2018, I had a great time in the river - it was summer and the flow was low enough to safely go in the rapids. I had a very pleasant meditation by the river. When I had dinner at the pub I recognised Man of Colours by Icehouse playing on the radio and felt very nostalgic, like some deep change was beginning. Two weeks later I started this meditation. From then on whenever I exercised the song in my playlist that really seemed to stand out was Hold Your Colour by Pendulum and two lyrics in particular - 'Hold your colours against the wall when they take everything away' and 'I twisted the knife and opened your eyes' - as if the Universe was compelling me to clear the garbage ('colours') from my head and open my eyes to the beautiful reality in front of me.

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