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How to Handle Being Flat Out

Updated: Sep 1, 2023

Today I was incredibly busy and it seemed like tasks and distractions were coming at me from left, right and centre. I can be a bit slow and forgetful and normally prefer to work on a single project for a whole day. Today was very much not like that - it seemed like the Universe was deliberately taking me way outside of my comfort zone. The worst thing I could have in such circumstances were thoughts. They were, in large part, responsible for my slowness and forgetfulness.

Imagine having to climb over garbage to get to where we need to be. That's what thoughts are. Generated by Canva's Text to Image.

By consciously reminding myself to just live today, or even one hour, or even one minute, it made it that much easier. After all, for bigger tasks, we can make note of them on paper or on the phone. For shorter tasks we have to rely on short term memory because the time it takes to do the task could be comparable to the time taken to write a reminder. In that case, we have to rely on a combination of short term memory and assertiveness - 'hang on, I feel a bit overwhelmed'. Both can be improved by having a clear mind. It takes practice and also help to remember to just live today - but with persistence you can make it!

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