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How to Make the Most of a Gruelling Workout

Updated: Sep 1, 2023

I aim to do resistance training on a regular basis - and am sort of succeeding. I do an eight minute jog as a warm up then about 15 minutes of exercising one muscle group. To get the most out of it, I do these:


  • Jog around the nearby lake in Meadow Springs, Mandurah, which takes eight minutes

  • Track my progress on my Fitbit Blaze

  • Listen to a music track on my phone that has a pace of 70-90 beats per minute, matching my step speed (as measured by BPM Detector app)

  • Use good quality wireless earphones - I use Sennheiser Sport wireless earbuds (though it seems to be difficult to find a brand that does not loosen while jogging)

Very nice scenery, complete with waterbirds. However, don't get distracted while jogging over tree roots like I did - ouch! 🤕 The wall is gradually being upgraded with limestone to mitigate vandalism, it appears.

Resistance Training

  • Use the Fitness Point app to keep track of progress

  • Do 2 exercises of the same muscle group

  • Five sets per exercise

  • Set the weight by trial and error so that I reach muscle fatigue (not mind fatigue!) at 4-8 repetitions for each set

  • Limit break time to about 10 seconds between sets and roughly 2 minutes between exercises

  • If the weight cannot be adjusted or is not easily adjusted, consider omitting breaks between sets completely

My very humble looking workout area.

And Finally

It has been difficult for me to gain muscle for a very long time. Yes, it's important to have enough protein, but beyond a certain amount there is no additional benefit compared to having the recommended amount. I had been watching my protein intake very closely. Personally, I have found that reducing stress has been an enormous factor with building muscle. It was only since 2018 that I have been using a meditation that actually gets rid of anxiety at the root - pictures stored in the mind. It has had a lot of other benefits as well.

Getting rid of garbage in the mind can be great for gaining muscle!

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