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Making a Template for a Rainwater Tank

If you are building a ring wall or are installing a rainwater tank in a challenging location, making a template of the rainwater tank base makes life significantly easier.

Fortunately, I had a piece of fibre board from a deceased book shelf. You will need something light but not overly flexible - cardboard will work.

To get the diameter of the rainwater tank, use a flexible measuring tape to measure the circumference (around it). Then divide by pi (3.14159). Ideally you will want a panel at least this size, but if one side is too narrow - like in my case - I can show you a workaround later.

Measure the halfway point on all four sides then use a long stick to mark the centre.

Fibre board panel about to be marked up
Finding the centre of the board

Screw a screw into this centre point. Tie a string to the screw then a pencil to the end of the string. The distance from the screw to the pencil tip will need to be half the diameter you calculated - which is called the radius.

Draw a big circle with the pencil tied to the screw.

Drawing a circle with a pencil tied to a screw
We can make a big compass - the circle drawing one - and use it

Using a jigsaw (preferred) or a keyhole saw, cut along the circle you drew.

Cutting a circle out of fibre board with a jigsaw
Looking more like a template

If necessary, nail or screw a stick so you at least know the extent in both directions. Cut the stick to the same length as the diameter and I would recommend at least three nails or screws.

Template of a rainwater tank base
Looks rough, but good enough for its purpose

Finished! Next is using it.

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David Clouston
David Clouston
Jun 03

I like the simple straight forward article 👍

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