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The Power of Reflective Writing

Reflective writing is an incredibly powerful way to clarify what is going on in your head. In fact, it can even be used to ask the Universe what to do. Just four days ago I started doing it properly and the results have been amazing.

I used to do reflective writing of sorts. I kept a diary from 1995 and from 7 June 2005 started writing down my thought processes. I had been trying to figure out my own mind since 1998 and at that point actually started writing about it. However, it was still from the perspective of me trying to figure my own mind out. I also wrote my dreams down since 1996, resulting in lucid dreams, which has been a double edged sword.

Woman having a lucid dream being injured by her own sword
Reflecting on dreams without a broader self reflection can result in unintended consequences. Generated by Blue Willow

I continued my reflective writing in greater and greater detail, going electronic with my diary on 1 January 2011. I did this until 18 October 2021, when I deemed it was no longer beneficial, thanks to a meditation I have been doing. In the meditation it was recommended to do reflective writing, but at first I was simply complaining to the Universe. I later changed this to writing things I was grateful for and also following my friend's advice. However, I realised I was doing this somewhat robotically, like a 'tick the box' exercise just because it was recommended in the meditation I do.

Tick the box machine
Don't fall into the trap of just doing it for the sake of it. Generated by Blue Willow

Recently when someone was explaining it, something clicked. I realised I used to do reflective writing anyway and so why not try something similar again. It has been absolutely amazing. I have been able to reflect on what is going on in my mind and even write to the Universe questions about what to do - with answers. With this approach, I was able to refine my meditation most effectively and also see more clearly what I'm meant to be doing. Two of the answers that came out were sharing reflective writing with my friends and writing this blog post.

Man writing and connecting with the Universe on a mountain
Combined with getting rid of the garbage stored in the mind, reflective writing can enhance connection with the Universe. Generated by Blue Willow

I'd certainly say you can use this approach to clarify what's going on in your mind. By discarding the pictures in the mind and continuing to practice reflective writing, you can also make room for Universe wisdom and receive answers to your questions. Best of luck! 😃

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