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Write Down Those Pesky Thoughts!

Updated: Sep 1, 2023

Last night I had a really good meditation with my partner - that time I deliberately recalled negative thoughts I'd had during the day and got rid of them. This morning, lo and behold - no negative thoughts. That was until I got out and about. I got all sorts of negative thoughts about silly things. Therefore, this time I had an idea - write them all down so they could be eliminated in group meditation. In fact, just the act of writing them down helped a lot. I was able to eliminate it all in group meditation.

Write your negative thoughts down
Our thoughts can be as nonsensical as the diary this poor guy is trying to use

I'd written previously about long distance relationships and one of the tips was making videos. I discarded the minds I had about being overly perfectionist about them and as a result, had a lot more fun. For me, my perfectionism and negative thoughts are strongly related. In fact, the 'fun' made it into today and even the meditations I was doing! To avoid attachment, I had to keep reminding myself that the Universe was giving me treats, not me.

Couple having fun on a computer making videos
I 100% am as handsome and have teeth as white as the dude on the left

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