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Lucid Dreams and How to Use Them

Thanks to writing my dreams down, I have been having lucid dreams since I was a teenager. At the time I thought the best way to make use of them was to do whatever I liked in them. However, this has proven to be not entirely correct. The best way to use them is for deep introspection - combined with meditation, it helps you to identify self-limiting beliefs and also how false they are.


When you have lucid dreams without an effective self reflection, under certain circumstances it can actually cause harm. The first lucid dream I had was when I was just 11 years old and was a very negative one that actually created negative and false ideas.

Creepy old man in a picture frame
The characters in dreams represent the different aspects of the false self, which is a picture. Generated by Blue Willow

I became interested in flying in my dreams. Why not, I thought, beats TV! However, that too led to negative ideas or minds being formed. When I was 13 years old I had a negative experience while flying very high. That affected not only every attempt at flying in dreams from then on but even my subconscious mindset in waking life.

Bird of prey flying in a darkened sky
Flying in dreams is unfortunately not always a positive experience. Generated by Blue Willow

I tried all sorts of self reflections and meditation. In April 2018 I started this one, which has proven incredibly effective. One of the recommendations was to write a blog, which is an excellent way to both self reflect and share.

Attempting to Reconcile My Mind

In January I wrote again about how that dream was affecting my daily life, with the Universe reflecting my mind with blockages in what I was doing. At the time I thought I had dealt with it. I was wrong.

A week or two ago I realised I kept making that same error - relating lots of negative minds about not being good enough back to that dream then thinking I'd dealt with it. I decided to make the assumption it had not been dealt with, which led to deeper and deeper reflection over a week or two. First, I realised that by flying in my dreams, I was attempting to satisfy a deep sense of inferiority. In fact, I was subconsciously trying to return to my true self. However, it was the false self attempting to do this.

Woman made of webs and brittle material
The false self is just a picture and can't do anything. Generated by Blue Willow

I later realised that my insomnia was a habitual attempt, since I was a teenager, to control my state of mind to fly in my dreams. That habit had become subconscious. I was incredibly desperate to find any scrap of happiness from my teens and into my 20's.

Lion trapped in a cage surrounded by beautiful scenery
The picture world is a prison created by the false self. Generated by Blue Willow

On 12 October 2023 I started doing reflective writing much more sincerely, which deepened my self reflection much further. The Universe was clearly and repeatedly showing me that discarding the falseness in my mind was top priority, or I would keep running into blockages in my daily life. I realised that the dream where I was blinded by the sun created the idea I had to 'control' the flying experience just so the flying wouldn't become corrupted. This further subconsciously led to the unhelpful idea I had to control the meditation process so that it would work. In fact, I was blinded by the sun in that dream in 1998 because the Universe was actually attempting to eliminate the false self. Instead, I rejected and put up a wall to the Universe. This created a world of pain. The Universe advised me to be more accepting and then the meditation would work better.

The Universe attempting to eliminate the false self
The Universe was trying to eliminate the false self the whole time, but I was unwittingly resisting

By repeatedly reflecting on that dream while meditating, it became easier to clear the falseness from my mind. I reflected not only on when I was blinded by the sun but on avoiding falling into the ocean. In fact, during my weeks of reflection I was having lucid dreams in which I was clearing away the contents of the dream - effectively a deep meditation.

Young woman meditating on a rock in the middle of the sea
Reflecting on that sun and on that ocean repeatedly has proven effective. Generated by Blue Willow

Writing this blog article felt like the next thing to do, to effectively close this mind mess out. It coincided with finishing the first stage of the flooring in the lounge room, like a hint from the Universe I was on the right track. Rather than finishing in one day, I wrote this draft then slept on it. I woke up at 4:30, feeling very alert. I wrote in my journal asking what to do and the answer clearly came to practice the discarding meditation simply and as normal. This time, it worked very well. I went back to sleep and had a lucid dream where I deliberately flew straight into the sun. It felt kind of spooky but was a powerful way to face my fear.

Sun surrounded by shady cloud
People are not very big compared to the sun. Generated by DALL-E

I'm still not assuming this is over, but it feels like a major hurdle has been cleared.

So the best thing you can use lucid dreams for is to recognise the falseness of the human mind and get rid of it. Then you will truly be free.

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